Wanting MORE and How To Get It!

Have you ever had anyone in your life tell you wanting MORE is not ok?

You should be happy with what you have. Your very lucky to have the life that you have. You don’t seem very grateful! Have you heard this? I would guess many of you answered YES. I sure have!!

And because of this you now have this ASSUMPTION that it’s not OK to want MORE in your life!!

We may or may not know where this came from. I’m not sure that really matters. The fact is it’s your current ASSUMPTION and its 100% holding you back. What I want to tell you today, if you get one thing from this email – please know this is BS!!!

We are 100% meant for MORE. We are meant to always be growing and expanding in our life. Every single one of us. Not to get all ‘nerdy’ on you but the reality is you are always either growing or disintegrating – PERIOD! It’s how energy works. It’s just science.

Do these questions sound familiar?

  • This can’t be all there is for me?
  • There must be more!
  • I know I’m not on the right path and I need to figure this out before its too late!

Then that is your soul speaking to you. Letting you know your right! You are meant for MORE and its 100% OK to think, feel and ASSUME this.

Now I know what you’re thinking right now!! HOW do I do this? How do I go get MORE in my life?
Keep reading for the Secret Sauce!

The key is BEcoming the master of your assumptions! Below I explain how in 3 important steps.

  1. Desire: What is it that you want? You must know this. It must be clear. Your goal and your Burning Desire is your rudder. You know you want MORE, what does that mean to you? Define it.
  2. Imagination: Once you’re clear on what you want, the next critical step is to define who you need to BE to achieve this goal. What assumptions, thoughts, traits, beliefs do you need to have? If you want something different, you need to BE and DO something different! The great secret in the Power of Assumption is using your imagination! Creating the version of you in your mind and then BEING her is the answer to getting MORE!
  3. Attention: Now, 1 more point on Imagination that’s really about Attention. Many tell me that can’t imagine. They try and nothing comes up. If you are a worrier, you can imagine. WORRY & DOUBT are imagination in the negative or what I would call uncontrolled imagination! The key is to be aware and to control your imagination. Make it positive, present, what you WANT. Not what you don’t want or what you are fearful of!! Attention equals ‘Blinders On’ – concentrated focus is necessary. BEING obsessed with your goal. It gets you out of bed in the morning. You’ve never done it or had it before, but you know and believe you will figure it out. NO MATTER WHAT! You are willing to do what it takes! You have DECIDED!! A secret to Success and having MORE is to focus your attention on the feeling of you BEING you with your goal achieved. Do this daily. It will take work and practice.

If your life is not where you want it to be, don’t accept that. Know that you can change it. Know that you truly are meant for MORE and know that you are not alone. I am here cheering you on!!

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