My Top 4 Tips to Becoming a ‘Heart Centered’ Leader

So often I am asked:

“What are the top few things I need to do to become an exceptional leader? How do I get to the next level?”

First, I would say, it’s not just about what you need to DO (although effective action is very important) it’s also very much about who you need to BE.

Most of the world operates in a “DO, HAVE, BE” model. What do I need to do, to have what I want to have and then I will be…. happy, fulfilled, healthy etc… You fill in the blank.

Unfortunately, this model does not bring sustained success, nor happiness. We need to flip it to the “BE, DO, HAVE” model. Ask yourself: Who do I need to be and what do I need to do to have what I want to have? Become who you need to be with your goals achieved. Follow this model and you will see success and happiness in any area of your life and especially in your Leadership Journey.


My top 4 tips to BECOMING a ‘World Class, Heart Centered’ Leader are:

    1. Have a Vision and BE authentically you
      Great leaders have vision for their life and their career. They know who they are and what they desire. They understand their strengths and their areas of focus. They don’t pretend to be something they are not. BE authentically you!!! They surround themselves with others that are excellent at what they do and work tirelessly to help them grow.
    2. Treat Others the Way You Want to Be Treated
      How do you react to others? Do you realize that you can change someone’s day just by your leadership? It’s the little details of what we do as leaders that matter most. When you come into a room as a leader (professional and personal) do you light it up? How do you show up? Are you the Torch Bearer leading the way? Treating others, the way you want to be treated is what I call HEART BASED Leadership. BE the Leader who truly cares and has their best interest in mind.

    1. Exceptional Leaders give more than they get
      Always go Above and Beyond. BE the Leader at the level you are striving for long before you are ever paid at this level. You are the creator of every result you have or don’t have in your career and your life. Want different results? Look at what you give daily. It will radically change your success trajectory.

    1. The smartest Leaders are Intelligent Followers
      You never want to be the smartest person in the room. What do I mean by this? You are a torch bearer for the people you lead in your life. Find 1 or 2 torch bearers that can be that for you. Without them you will not have the support you need to grow and learn. Without them you are the smartest person in the room and will not continue to excel in your leadership journey. BE the Intelligent Follower. Follow someone who has what you want and ask them for support. It will be the smartest decision you make as a Leader.

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